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 The Nimble Fingers project aims to create a cohort of social change that engages deeply with underpriviledged Cambodian children to improve access to business knowledge through creative enterprising. It is a model aimed at empowering children to earn rather than take.

 It adopts a three-pronged methodology constituting micro-finance, enterprising and sustainable giving.  The ultimate aim of the programme is to instill a culture in children from a young age to accumulate disposable income and savings instead of squander it away.

This programme educations them about capital spending, savings and value-add. They must also book-keep and track revenue/spending so they are trained from a young age to monitor their finances and cultivate conservative financial etiquette. They are hand-held during the entire process until they can manage their finances independently, ultimately empowering them to come up with creative business ideas whilst gaining access to the market.

Every item is lovingly hand-made and designed by the children themselves and sold at a 40% profit margin. 100% of profits are recycled back into their respective projects, giving the children an opportunity to develop their brand.


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The FGA Child Care Centre is a peaceful haven that houses 96 underprivileged children located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The children are aged 6 to 17 and are supported through primary, secondary and high school education with the aim of empowering them to break out of their cycle of poverty.